I am by no means a public speaker so when I was given the opportunity to speak at a moms group to share my testimony, I absolutely shit myself.  However, in the spirit of being able to surrender daringly, I decided to go for it. And now I am here to share with you. That […]

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Take 2

I’m a 40 year old mom. My sons are 22, 17 & 1. That’s not a typo. Being an older mom is fantastic. You have so much more patience, you don’t fumble through expensive diapers or kill yourself stressing about a schedule. You stop worrying about bottle vs breast and just so long as they […]

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Texting Saved My Marriage

Now, I know that seems odd. But I’m currently lying next to our son who for whatever reason can’t sleep soundly this week. Perhaps it’s the deep congestion that they inject your child with once they start day care. Who knows? But he’s lying on my whole life. 10 days ago I got ridiculously ill. […]

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