Writers Block

I was asked yesterday what my next blog post was going to be. I said I didn’t know, that I was experiencing writers block. I have never experienced writers block before, I always have something to say. I mean I had heard of it, but experiencing it is something else. It’s basically being cock blocked […]

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72 Days

72 days is a very long time to feel like your brain is spinning. Sometimes it’s a slow spin, sometimes it’s a merry go round in there. When it’s a slow spin, it’s like that initial buzz you get from a glass of wine. Where everything feels weird but manageable. Buzzed without the happy. Maybe […]

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Grateful for my Ex

November is upon us, the month of Thanksgiving. And while the spooky remnants of Halloween remain, it’s time to take down the scary and open our hearts to gratitude. Fall is such a great metaphor for change. The season both in climate change and season in our lives. I sit here now, surrounded by scary […]

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The Burden

Some of you who know me, know my history. Thank you to those of you who have checked in on me. Today has been hard. This week has. My truth has been hard for most of my life. Many women’s truths… most women’s truths are hard. At age 6 or 7 I only remember the […]

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Over the past year, I’ve stayed relatively silent as America ripped open the wounds that I thought had healed. I never thought that my fractured heart I’d spent years healing, could and would be reinjured by our President. The night he was elected, I felt the pop. I felt it but I kept walking. I […]

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Surrender Daringly

When you ask God for patience, God doesn’t wave his magic holy wand. He doesn’t abracadabra from his throne in the sky and send you on your way. Oh no. God puts you in traffic, with a full bladder and speed bumps and a crying baby and a whining teenager while listening to mumble rap. […]

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